What tagline should we go with for the website?

We are working on the logo for the community and we are a bit stuck with what tagline should we go with. Help us out!!!!

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  • we have our team who makes short films and documentaries, now we have many projects , and for that we need more crew, technicians,Actors etc. so please stay in touch with us.
  • December 2, 2013 - led by Janhavi Padhye
    9D Academy is designed for a new generation of filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, producers and animators who share a passion for motion pictures and want to learn by making their own projects in a hands-on, intensive program. It is the integration of knowledge that distinguishes the 9D Academy from...
  • February 1, 2013 - led by Pooja Gupta
    Hi guys, here you will get all the happening internships around.. all the internship form ad-journo-films-ngo..... Come and grab your opportunity!!!!
  • October 3, 2012 - led by Nirav Arora
    We get you latest and hottest job openings, across various domains be it advertising, event management, journalism, media, social media and all. Stay updated!!
  • March 15, 2012 - led by Mohit Agarwal
    All Advertisement aspirants can connect here ! njoi

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Journalism students blog here

  • November 21
    Posted by Zaheen Mistry
    It was just a year back, that i'd be sitting on my drawing desk, holding the T-scale trying to work things out for myself. When I entered I thought, Architecture? Naah. All those drawings, I will easily pass through all that, and when does this 5 years end, I won't even know. But life has some diff...
  • November 17
    Posted by Reshmabanu Nadaf
    All want to make huge or small pocket money through the internet. The good and sufficient way is creating your own creating your own blog u can earn money.AdSense is one the advertisements area in which I can earn lot. Thank You
  • November 10
    Posted by akshay kerlekar
    As you know that this 'kiss of love' thing is spreading like a virus in cities like a mumbai & delhi. what do you think about this? is this good or bad? is this part of our cultutre?  Me and my team asked one quetion to coples,that 'is it okay to kiss your partner at any place of the city?'&nb...
  • October 26
    Posted by Reshmabanu Nadaf
    NDA - National Defence Academy This Exam is conducted by UPSC(Union Public Service Examination). The candidates who will clear the intermediate exam from the recognized university such candidates are eligible for the exam.age limit for the Exam is 16.5-19 years.Nationality-Indian.Martial Status Unm...
  • You want to do an internship? As a writer? Are you in school and is this your vacation hobby class? What probable career will you make as a writer? Some of this and lots more accompanies you when you want to take up similar classes or internships and at some point of time and I really don’t b...

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  • We are hiring people who want to make the best things in the wor...  more