Entertainment Is All Rounder

  •                                                                                                                  Entertainment Is All Rounder

    Entertainment is all about catching the interest of the audiences, thus in today's scenario entertainment is must. As we know that the even the media like television or any source just concentrate on entertainment part.

    In earlier days entertainment was about many things like drama, storytelling, theatre, various dance forms etc. As the years passed on the entertainment became an important aspect in every individual’s life. people today are so much busy with their daily chores so they think that entertainment is must in our life.


    There are many shows and serials on TV that come up with the entertainment factor and which is must in today’s world because it not only bring the family together but also release down the daily stress of an individual, comedy shows like, COMEDY NIGHTS WITH KAPIL and TV serial like TARAK MEHTA KA OOLTHA CHASHMA is one of the comedy shows which come up and make an individual laugh.

    Entertainment is not only in TV shows but also in media like news channels, even media come up with an entertainment factor so that it can bring TRP to that channel, the shows like SAAS BAHU AUR SAAZISH which airs on ABP news channel and SAAS BAHUAUR BETIYAN at AAJ TAK news channel is the ever increasing shows which most of the people watch during prime hours, audiences like housewife’s or the old age people have great impact on entertainment factor.


    Street plays, fireworks, drama on streets was an earlier entertainment factor, people in olden days used to entertain themselves by keeping them busy by reading books, novels or love stories and children’s used to get fun time by playing in garden’s and amusement parks, but now a days it’s all about iPods, games on phone, whatsaap, facebook etc where outdoor and indoor games have just all vanished out, people have more likely indulge in new gadgets and Bollywood cinema.


    Entertainment is more and likely seen in our own Indian cinemas, where the directors like yash chopra, priyadarshani, sanjay leela bansali and most entertaining director rohit shetty come up with new and innovative things hit it , so that people can get an amusement while watching their movies, rohit shetty is one of the director where he comes up with many entertaining movies like Golmaal returns, Singham, Chennai express etc where people get lots of fun while watching it.Most of the entertainment is done in south movies where the mixture of genre comes up like action,suspense,comedy,romance,tradegy etc.,thus its a basic phenomena where its must in every tv shows and daily life.


    Even during early 80’s and 90’s the actors like Rajesh khana, Amitabh bachan etc and now a day’s Shahrukh khan, Akshay kumar.Ajay devgan, Ritiesh deshmukh comes with an entertainment factor, so why not entertainment? Yes an entertainment is must and it is popularly increasing and making audiences entertain.

    Entertainment is at home, schools, offices in local trains etc, where people get entertain in every single minute, like as in the city like Mumbai, people get entertain mostly every single hour, in offices as in throwing parties or during break time and in local trains like people fighting out or else some beggar entertaining by singing or playing on flute etc, people rush out during weekends to watch out movies or to spend time with their families, friends or their beloved one’s.


    Thus it’s an X factor within us, where we all need it, as we jus wan ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT. Even college students come up with this factor so that through some fun and entertainment they can aware people about many crimes happening al around through their college fests or any other event coming up their way.

    As I can say that entertainment is all rounder where all the fun comes together to express are thoughts, emotions and it brings to our childhood again.

    Music, Art, Dance, Culture, Street plays, Cinema etc are all the factors which includes in entertainment luggage.


    Thus entertainment is all rounder.





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